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A Viking storytelling adventure for ages 8 and up.

A Viking storytelling adventure for ages 8 and up.

Set sail with Freydis and her son Snorri on a Viking adventure brought to life through storytelling, animation, and live music. Join her crew of explorers as they find out they’re not alone in this strange new land, and come face to face with ghosts, monsters and wild gooseberries!

Follow Snorri as he confronts an ancient spirit set on revenge and learns the truth about himself. Vinland retells the incredible true(ish) tale of the Vikings' last journey to North America, taking inspiration from the Viking sagas of Erik the Red and his family.

Using lyrical storytelling, animation and live music, the show brings the audience into a world where myth and history collide.

“Epic, totally brilliant”–Audience member

“A great evening for children and adults alike”–Audience member

“If you like Vikings and myths, you’ll really want to see this”–Audience member


Written and composed by Jack Dean

Illustration & Animation by Christopher Harrisson

Directed by Ellie Taylor

Supported by Arts Council England & artsdepot


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Ticket Price: £10

Start Time: 2.30pm

Running Time: 60 mins

Age Guidance: 8+

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