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National Theatre Live Screenings at The Core

National Theatre Live Screenings at The Core
posted 30 Aug 2022

We’re adding National Theatre Live Encore screenings to our film & screenings programme this Autumn. Audiences are invited to enjoy captivating theatre performances on the big screen at The Core Theatre.


The Seagull (Fri 25 November, 7pm)

Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) makes her West End debut in this 21st century retelling of Anton  Chekhov’s tale of love and loneliness. 

Starring Emilia Clarke, Tom Rhys Harries, Daniel Monks, & Sophie Wu


The Crucible (Thu 26 January 2023, 7pm)

In Arthur Miller’s captivating drama a witch hunt is afoot, fuelled by the young women of Salem. As fear and accusation spreads, no one is safe from trial.

Starring Erin Doherty & Brendan Cowell


Othello (Thu 23 February 2023, 7pm)

Desdemona (the daughter of a Senator) and Othello (a refugee of slavery) wed secretly & plan a life togehter. But can their love survive the forces conspiring against them?

Starring Giles Terera, Rosy McEwen & Paul Hilton